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General Provisions  Subscriptions Account Rules

Calculated subscriptions paid by the employer on the basis of what he deserves insured wage during each month and takes into account a matter determining non-working days in the month, thirty days for those who are not paid Mshahrh not lead any subscriptions for periods that do not deserve them pay or compensation for it.

Without prejudice to the minimum wage is the basic subscription to the Minister of insurance in the decision on the proposal of the Board of Directors determines that the subscription fee for certain categories of insured and Trivhhsab this remuneration and the method of calculating contributions and the date of commencement of enjoying the reward system.

How to calculate the contribution that the performance of the owners of the business will be the calculation on the basis of remuneration during the month, taking into account the expense of pay for the salaries of the monthly that month, thirty days and relieve business owners from the payment of contributions for periods that do not deserve it paid or compensated and have the right and the Minister of insurance that issue a decision specifying the subscription fee, which is the basis of determining the participation of the insured and the method of calculating the date of commencement of wage and benefit system of rewards based on the proposal of the Board of Directors for the insurance.

Article 126

Contributions are due for the following periods, in accordance with the rules and provisions set forth against each of them:

Number of departments of Foreign Affairs and the number of unpaid special leave to work abroad is committed to its share of the insured and the employer’s share in contributions and lead one of the foreign currency.

And issue a decision by the Minister insurance agreement with the Minister of Economy decision to select the type of foreign currency and the conversion price and dates and how to perform contributions and additional amounts which are worth in case of delay in payment and it shall not exceed the established percentages.

Extended vacations without pay: committed to the insured of its share and the employer’s share of contributions and, if desired in computed within his involvement in the insurance and determine the dates of expression of desire and do memberships by the Minister of insurance in the case of non-performance are not counted for the holiday within the duration of participation in insurance.

Extended leave without pay tuition at home employer shall his share in contributions and lead in the periodic appointments and adhere to its share of the insured and performed as referred to item.


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