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General Provisions  Subscriptions Account Rules

Calculated subscriptions paid by the employer on the basis of what he deserves insured wage during each month and takes into account a matter determining non-working days in the month, thirty days for those who are not paid Mshahrh not lead any subscriptions for periods that do not deserve them pay or compensation for it.

Without prejudice to the minimum wage is the basic subscription to the Minister of insurance in the decision on the proposal of the Board of Directors determines that the subscription fee for certain categories of insured and Trivhhsab this remuneration and the method of calculating contributions and the date of commencement of enjoying the reward system.

How to calculate the contribution that the performance of the owners of the business will be the calculation on the basis of remuneration during the month, taking into account the expense of pay for the salaries of the monthly that month, thirty days and relieve business owners from the payment of contributions for periods that do not deserve it paid or compensated and have the right and the Minister of insurance that issue a decision specifying the subscription fee, which is the basis of determining the participation of the insured and the method of calculating the date of commencement of wage and benefit system of rewards based on the proposal of the Board of Directors for the insurance.

Article 126

Contributions are due for the following periods, in accordance with the rules and provisions set forth against each of them:

Number of departments of Foreign Affairs and the number of unpaid special leave to work abroad is committed to its share of the insured and the employer’s share in contributions and lead one of the foreign currency.

And issue a decision by the Minister insurance agreement with the Minister of Economy decision to select the type of foreign currency and the conversion price and dates and how to perform contributions and additional amounts which are worth in case of delay in payment and it shall not exceed the established percentages.

Extended vacations without pay: committed to the insured of its share and the employer’s share of contributions and, if desired in computed within his involvement in the insurance and determine the dates of expression of desire and do memberships by the Minister of insurance in the case of non-performance are not counted for the holiday within the duration of participation in insurance.

Extended leave without pay tuition at home employer shall his share in contributions and lead in the periodic appointments and adhere to its share of the insured and performed as referred to item.


Kennewick Divorce Lawyer Washington Divorce and Family Law


A divorce lawyer or investigator usually will need the following documentation in order to begin an investigation into hidden assets: Financial disclosures Tax returns Bank statements Check registers Financial disclosures

Typical divorce procedures require that a divorcing couple disclose their assets and liabilities. These disclosures serve as the starting point in any financial investigation seeking assets that have been excluded from the marital estate (i.e., hidden assets). The information revealed in these disclosures ranges from the simplistic (e.g., if an asset is listed, it isn’t being hidden) to the basis for more sophisticated analyses and comparisons. Tax returns

The tax returns of an individual or a couple may be imperfect representations of the actual economic income of the person(s) filing the return. However, a tax return showing significant income increases the odds that a claim of hidden assets might be valid. A tax return showing little, or no, income should prompt the question, “If assets are being hidden, where did they come from?” Tax returns also provide authoritative documentation concerning sources of income. For example, interest income is reported from the payer of the amounts to the Internal Revenue Service.

This usually means that the taxpayer will report the amounts on his or her tax return. If there is interest income on the tax return and no asset disclosed that would generate interest income, the basis for an inquiry arises.

Bank statements

The couple’s bank account usually serves as the financial framework of the marriage. The monthly bank statements serve as evidence of what went into the account and what was paid out. Bank statements are useful for their summary information in that they quickly show all income and all expenses which can be used to illustrate missing income, or to illustrate the relationship between the income the couple was generating versus what they were spending.

They are also useful in identifying inter-account transfers and automatic payments, and may describe other unusual transactions. However, while bank statements record deposits and checks written, they do not usually provide the detail necessary to analyze specific transactions. Therefore, obtaining the check registers of the couple is necessary.

Check registers

“Check register” is an accounting term that refers to the couple’s checkbook and the manner in which the deposits and expenditures related to their account were recorded. Check registers generally come in three forms. The first is totally manual. That is, every deposit and every expenditure is recorded by hand in a register provided at the back of the check book. The second is a duplicate system. That is, when a person writes a check a copy of it is produced.

The copy has a place to keep a running balance and to record deposits. The third is electronic. As information technology becomes the norm, more and more individuals will move toward paperless transactions. For example, automatic withdrawals from checking accounts to make loan payments are paperless transactions. Regardless of how they are recorded – with or without paper – all transactions give rise to evidence which can be pursued in discovering hidden assets.

Sometimes it is possible to obtain the actual canceled checks related to an account under investigation. This situation may arise in highly contentious divorces or when an investigation evolves from a divorce investigation into a criminal investigation. However, banks and other financial institutions have stopped, to a considerable degree, returning canceled checks to customers. This is a cost reduction move by the institutions. While it is still possible to obtain the canceled checks, the banks usually charge a considerable fee for their retrieval. Accordingly, you and your divorce lawyer or investigator should weigh carefully the evidentiary value of the actual check in relation to its cost.


How To Get The Best Deal On Car Insurance In Florida


Multiple motorcar insurance quotes allow you to in agreed more than one vehicle with the same policy. This is an option that is now offered by a bulky number of auto insurance companies, and that many households are seriously looking at.

There is no doubt that a multiple car insurance policy can save you since if there are a number of vehicles in your household. In fact it is one of the prudent ways to save money on your car insurance, and will possible save you more than comparing individual vehicle quotes online – although there are exceptions which are discussed below.

The policy can cover more than two cars or vehicles in the household, though does not apply to motor bikes.

This cost saving is due to a number of factors, various pertaining to the reduction in administration costs. It is a lot cheaper to approved up one automobile insurance policy for two or three cars than it is to arrange two or three separate policies. Not only is there less paperwork involved, on the other hand also less time spent by people in doing the work. Some companies actually specialize in this style of car insurance.

Multiple car insurance quotes will be in one name only, although there can be a number of named drivers stated on the policy. Some insurers will accept knotty savours only the main policy unit, whereas abundants will want details of all the named drivers. This can affect the policy price, so make sure you know what notice your car insurance company wants. It will be on the quotation form. More on this later.

Your first step should be to take a comment of the details of each vehicle you want included in the policy. Many companies will insist that all be private passenger autos, although other might allow commercial vehicles to be included. When hunting online auto protection indemnity, you should be an invitation for a number of different quotes from different companies for comparison. This is particularly true of multiple vehicle quotes, since there are so many ways that these can be priced.

It might also be charges while seeking one or two quotations for the individual vehicles and drivers, since not all multiple quotes are cheaper than all individual quotes. It does no harm to do this, so you might as well just so that your comment is at alleviation that you are doing the appropriately thing. Some people are surprised at the cost of the policy, but that is for the reason that they were expecting a similar price to an individual quote, so it can be beneficial to actually see the combined cost of the individual auto insurance rates and compare that with the multiple policy. You can then see the true savings you are making.

Be careful to read the insuring agreement before accepting any quotation since you will have to make sure that all vehicles and named drivers are equally covered. while you have received a number of quotations, you should investigation themselves all over carefully to make sure that they provide the cover you requested. You have the same options with a multiple auto insurance policy as you have with normal individual insurances, so the range of cars you are insuring might have an impact on the saving.

You will generally be taking out the same cover for all vehicles, so it can become complicated if you need collision and comprehensive for your product new Cadillac, but have also included your partners old Buick on the policy. That is when individual policies might be considered, and when you should compare the individual quotes with the combined quote. In some cases what you save on the multiple cover is spent on the unneeded collision and comprehensive cover for a vehicle that will totaled in the games of a minor bump!

Also keep in mind that internet insurance quotation engines are generally set up to handle average interrogatives, and if you have a special you might have to set up your insurance manually. That means behind the benefits of an online quote, and you might be better in the long run just comparing prices for the individual policies. If you are looking for instant car insurance quotes, you would also be more likely to get the individual policies quicker than a multiple policy, unless all the cars insured were very similar.

Such insurance quotes are very useful if you have a number of cars you want to insure, and there is not much difference in value between them. It is also worthwhile if one of the drivers has a poor memoir, in which you can save a lot of money by finding an insurer that requires only the main policy holder to provide details of their driving record. In such cases, a multiple car insurance quote is definitely well worth the time and effort.

Generally multiple car insurance quotes are worthwhile and can save money, but not always, and you should always compare the multiple quote with quotations for the individual vehicles, including the levels of insurance most appropriate for them. That is when you can make a true comparison and make your mind up as to which is better for you.


Car Insurance Companies Auto Insurance

Car Insurance Companies

There are as numerous car insurance companies as there are numerous car industrialized companies in the market and car owners often find it hard to find the finest car insurance companies to offer them insurance as per their needs. This is where need insurance will assist in you finding the right car insurance companies to meet your insurance and financial needs.

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When you use need insurance you not only get quotes from our partner car insurance companies but there are added advantages also like,
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Quote comparison– You can quotes from a variety of car insurance companies and you can evaluate them before deciding on the car insurance company that you want to buy insurance from.

Fast service– All this information is obtainable to you at the click of a button. The information is immediate and the entire modus operandi does not take more than a minute. In case you go the conventional way of approaching an insurance agent, this process could take up to days to absolute but with need insurance  this is over in less than a minute.

So what are you waiting for? In case you are looking for affordable auto insurance or quotes from insurance companies log on to our website and get instantaneous access to a network of major local and national car insurance companies . 


Superficies in Thailand Real Estate


Superficies in Thailand is an attractive property right for foreigners interested in using Thai real property. Since foreigners cannot own land outright, investors must look for alternatives to absolute ownership. The Superficies option is a strong property right that offers long-term protection to potential investors.

A superficies is a property right whereby a landowner will grant the use of their land for a specified period to the superficiary. Unlike a lease, a superficies agreement is an actual property right. While the lease focuses on the people who sign the contract, the superficies focuses on the land stipulated in the contract. Since it is a property right, the superficies must be registered with the Land Office.

The superficies in Thailand grants the superficiary the right to build or plant on a piece of land. The term of the superficies can be defined in two ways. First, the landowner may grant a superficies for 30 years. Once the 30-year period has expired, the parties may extend the agreement for another 30 years. The second option involves structuring the agreement like a life estate. The parties may agree that the superficies will last for the life-term of one of the parties involved, either the landowner or superficiary.

Another beneficial aspect of the superficies is that it is transferable. This is because it is a true property right. The superficiary may sell or transfer his interest at any time. Additionally, the superficiary may devise the interest via a will. The transferability of superficies makes it a unique property right for foreigners in Thailand.

For Married Couples: Superficies in Thailand is commonly employed among married couples where one spouse is Thai and the other is a foreigner. Since the foreign spouse cannot own land, the Thai spouse may purchase property and grant a superficies to the foreign spouse. This requires somewhat complex contractual maneuvering so a couple should consult an attorney before choosing to avail of this option.

Practical Matters: While a foreign spouse, in the case of a divorce, may retain the rights associated with superficies, this does not always work out as a practical matter. This is particularly true in the more rural regions of Thailand. While a foreigner may actually retain the legal right to use their spouse’s property, local family and friends may disregard this right and just refuse to cooperate. In order for the foreign party to protect this right, he may consider entering into a prenuptial agreement with his Thai fiancé where this right is provided for in definite terms.